Council Fronts to Hataitai Residents' Questions

An impressive number of Hataitai residents turned out in for the “Mayor in the Chair” gathering at the Hataitai Bowling Club last night (Tuesday, 16th October) which provided residents the opportunity to have their say, ask questions, voice concerns and engage with Wellington City Council about issues affecting their suburb.

Mayor Justin Lester made quite an impression, answering questions about the proposed Hataitai Village traffic lights, a second tunnel through Mt Vic, cycle routes around Evans Bay to Oriental Bay, parking in the suburb, funding of Community Centres and sports activities.

Vigorous audience clapping followed Lester’s statement that he personally didn’t want traffic lights at the Village Centre explaining that no decision had been made and that further engagement with the community would be necessary. Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman provided more information about NZTA’s role in the process.

The Mayor fully explained the processes involved in large city projects such as the second tunnel through Mt Vic, which he believes will be a five year process. His knowledge and ease of explanation hit a chord with the audience.

Accompanied by Councillors Sarah Free, Chris Calvi-Freeman, Simon Marsh, Diane Calvert, Peter Gilberd, Jill Day and Michael Romanos, the Mayor talked about Shelly Bay, runway extension plans, building within the suburb and civil defence. Chatting with members of the audience afterward, there was a general impression of respect and acknowledgement of the depth of Council work.

Justin Lester advised residents to get in touch with one of their ward Councillors if there were issues he should know about.  Our Councillors also have specific responsibilities on the WCC as follows:

Chris Calvi-Freeman               Transport

Sarah Day                               Footpaths

Simon Marsh                          New business