Bowling Club and Community House Joint Management Committee

The Hataitai Community House and the Hataitai Bowling Club are two community-run spaces, and each of these properties has a group set up to manage it:

  • The Hataitai Community Recreation Trust (HCRT) is a Trust set up to look after the Bowling Club and plan for its future.

  • The Hataitai Community House and Childcare Collective (HCH) manages the running of the Community House.

Even though they’re two separate groups, they work together. They meet monthly to make decisions about the Community House and Bowling Club together. They're also working on formalising this arrangement by forming a joint management committee.

The committees make decisions about the day-to-day running of the Bowling Club and Community House., and they're also working towards developing the Bowling Club into a community hub that will support the needs and interests of the community into the future. As part of that, the committee is currently planning how to work with the local community to find out more about what people need and want from the space, so they can make sure whatever they end up doing is right for the community. Watch this space, because we’ll be asking for your input soon!

Background on the Hataitai Community Recreation Trust

The Hataitai Community Recreation Trust manages the Hataitai Bowling Club on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the community.

The Trust was set up when the land and building assets of the Hataitai Bowling Club were gifted to the community by the Club members.  This generous act preserves the assets for the benefit of the community.  The club has been part of the Hataitai Community since 1910 and the Bowling Club wanted to ensure that it is still servicing the community in another hundred years time.

The Trust is made up of one person from each of the three organisations that developed the trust concept:

  • the Bowling Club

  • the Hataitai Residents Association

  • the Community House.