Hataitai Bowling Club

An historic community space available for you to hire

The historic Hataitai Bowling Club rooms and bowling green are owned by the Hataitai community and are available for all kinds of community events.

What’s on at the Bowling Club

The Bowling Club is home to a variety of community groups and activities, and you’re welcome to come join in. There are regular activities like meetings, classes and the monthly community market. There are also one-off events like quizzes and parties.

Of course the Bowling Club is also open for people to play a game of bowls or petanque.

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Booking the Bowling Club for your event

If you’re looking for a local venue, check out the Hataitai Bowling Club. It’s available for hire and it’s ideal for parties, meetings, classes, or for use as a workspace.

The club features:

  • two large rooms
  • tables, chairs, TV screen
  • a kitchen, already stocked with plenty of plates, cups, cutlery, etc
  • a big, flat, grassed outdoor area
  • a petanque court
  • an outdoor barbecque.

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The Hataitai Bowling Club is at 157 Hataitai Road, about 100 metres away from the Hataitai Village shops. You can also enter the grounds from Arcus Way, opposite the Hataitai Community House.

Earthquake yellow-sticker notice

As with many buildings in Wellington, the Bowling Club has been yellow-stickered because it’s earthquake-prone.

A yellow sticker doesn’t mean it’s dangerous to be in the building. People are allowed to live and work in yellow stickered buildings. It just means that the building has been given a deadline by which time it has to be strengthened, or else it will need to be demolished.

Find out more about the earthquake-prone building stickers and what they mean.

Plans for the future of the Bowling Club

Because of the yellow sticker notice the building needs to be re-roofed by 2028. The clubrooms are also due for some refurbishment. All up it’s going to cost a bit of money, and we want to make sure it’s money well spent.

So the Hataitai Community Recreation Trust (who manage the Bowling Club on behalf of the community) are planning to work with the local community to work out exactly what people want for the future of the Bowling Club, and then will be fundraising to make it happen.

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Bowling Club history

The Hataitai Bowling Club was founded in 1910. The story goes that Herbert Huggins heard of a prospective house buyer who had decided against buying a house in Hataitai because there was no bowling green in the neighbourhood. So Huggins met with the Hataitai Land Co, and the company offered a site at a very low price and favourable financial terms.

Huggins and his friend James Kinniburgh called a meeting of prospective bowlers at Kilbirnie School in December 1909, at which it was decided to form a club. “It is proposed to make a green on a piece of land adjoining the Poneke Football Club’s gymnasium, within 100 yards of the first stopping place on the southern side of the Kilbirnie Tramway Tunnel.” A committee was formed and a meeting for prospective members was held on Jan 25, 1910 at the Poneke Gymnasium.