Hataitai Bowling Club re-development project


What's going on?

The Hataitai Bowling Club was donated to the people of Hataitai as a recreation facility that everyone in the community can enjoy. We're looking at how we can redevelop the Bowling Club as a hub that will meet our community's needs into the future.


Make Hataitai Hum! - our community engagement

In April to June 2018 we commissioned Lumin to run a community engagement project to find out more about the community's needs, so we could determine some options for developing the Hataitai Bowling Club buildings and grounds as a significant component of a community focus or heart, now and into the future.

Lumin carried out the consultation, and spoke to a wide cross-section of the community:

  • 293 online surveys
  • 180 bus stop interactions
  • 58 bus stop conversations
  • 21 participants in 3 focus groups
  • 20 in-depth interviews with leaders from education, business, community, health and church
  • 12 programme leaders surveyed
  • 11 WCC staff from five divisions

The valuable feedback from everyone who participated has helped guide our ideas for the future of the Bowling Club. It's also given us a whole lot of useful information about what people want for the future of our community more generally.

You can read Lumin's full report on the results of the study here.

What next?

The results from the consultation are being used to develop a design brief for an architect to prepare preliminary drawings for an upgrade or rebuild the Bowling Club. These options will be costed and then shared with the community for feedback later this year.

Want to get involved?

We'd love your support to transform the Bowling Club into a great community hub.

We'll be holding regular fundraising events and activities; if you want to get updates about these you can join our mailing list.

We also have a management committee and sub-committees looking after different aspects of the project, as well as the day-to-day management of the Bowling Club. We're always keen for volunteers!