Vitamin D

Cholecalciferol, commonly known as Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is becoming more important as research results continue to be published on its many virtues.

Traditionally, we have always known that Vitamin D helps build and maintain strong bones, which in turn prevents osteoporosis, or thin fragile bones, especially in old age.

However that is not vitamin Ds only function in the body.


Research has shown that vitamin D also plays a big part in the strength of muscles. Most noticibly in the elderly, a lack of vitamin D is a risk factor for poor muscle strength and co-ordination.


There are also studies that show that vitamin D affects the function of immune cells in the body. Separate independent studies have also shown increased risk of serious consequences in pneumonia (lung infection), when the patient is deficient in vitamin D.

There are more and more research coming out even now, as many more functions of vitamin D are discovered.

Where do we get vitamin D?

1. Sunlight - this is very variable depending on what time of the day, how much of the body, and what color skin you have

2. Food - small amounts occur in foods, which is why it is difficult to get enough from diet alone. Fatty fish, beef liver, egg yolk have more vitamin D than other foods.

3. Supplements - now days it is much easier to take supplements. As your doctor for a good quality supplement.