Courtesy campaign aims to reduce Mt Vic tunnel conflict

FC tunnel card 02everyone.jpg

Cycle Aware Wellington is working with the Council to reduce conflict on the Mt Vic tunnel shared path. 
"Some people whiz through on bikes without considering others' needs", says CAW volunteer Patrick Morgan.
"This is unacceptable and we are keen to improve behaviour."

He says the Council doesn't have a record of crashes but gets regular complaints. At just 1.4m wide the path doesn't meet guidelines for shared paths.
The best fix would be separation but this isn't possible in the existing tunnel.

CAW will run a campaign in March, using the Friendly Cyclist theme. It will include signage, leaflets, publicity and volunteers talking with tunnel users about the issues.

The key messages are:
“Cyclists: slow down to pass.”
“Cyclists: use a bell or call out.”
“Cyclists: use your manners.”
“Be prepared to let people pass.”

FC tunnel card 02cyclists.jpg