Village intersection a hot topic for the Residents' Association

At the last Hataitai Residents' Association meeting on Tuesday 6 March we were joined by Charles Kingsford and Gagan Singh from Wellington City Council, who presented possible options for improving the intersection of Hataitai Rd, Waitoa Rd and Moxham Ave. Also present to join in the discussion was Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman, who's not only a local representative but also the portfolio leader of Transport Strategy and Operations for the council.

The intersection has been a real area of concern for people in the community for several years, with a number of injuries occuring, as well as general confusion for about right-of-way which makes for some stressful driving. Over the years several people within our community have gone to the trouble of contacting the council about this intersection and keeping the pressure on to make sure the council looks into it.


At this stage council staff have two proposed options on the table, with their preferred option being a set of traffic lights at the intersection. No decisions have yet been made by councillors, and there will be a formal consultation later in the year. That means there will be plenty of opportunity for residents to have their say in the proposal once it's finalised. The Residents' Association is also intending to ask the council to come back and talk again during the consultation process, to provide more info and give the opportunity for residents to express their views.

If you'd like to know more about the options, check out Charles and Gagan's presentation. And for more about the Residents' Association, check out our web page.