Downton Abbey at the Roxy Fundraiser

The Events committee for the former Hataitai Bowling Club (and Hataitai Community House) is organising a movie night at the Roxy cinema.

Downton Abbey Movie
Monday 16th September 2019

There are only 55 tickets available, so be in quick and book and pay for your tickets soon, or you’ll miss out.

Tickets at $20 each, will include a bag of lollies if you’d like them. We will be also selling raffle tickets.

Please express your interest to our email address when you'll be emailed the bank account details.

Your surname and the word “movie” must be added as references when the money is paid. Your tickets will be emailed to you once payment has been made into our account.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go into the capital fund for the redevelopment of the Village Green 100 year+ building. Please support these efforts.

Hataitai Events Group