Graffiti Flying Squad forming


I am forming a graffiti flying squad and want to keep our Hataitai suburb and community tag free and want to get onto this before the taggings starts spreading not just in Hataitai but the rest of Wellington.

I need volunteers to stamp this out, this can be done only by the weight of numbers and people that are willing to sustain this project; so please join in and help and keep our beautiful community and city tag free.

I welcome and encourage all volunteers to join the grafitti flying squad interest group/committee, here is my email address and my contact number 027 686 4482 if you keen to join and I welcome any ideas.

As a group we can then discuss and collate the best strategy and action plan:

  • on how we are going to go about this; create an action plan
  • myself together with the Hataitai Residents Association and the community work closely together with the Wellington City Council   
  • what is the needs of our community considering each community is unique in its owns way;
  • what works and best suited for Hataitai;
  • something that is sustainable – as and when required

we can then take it from there.  I am sure you will appreciate I am keen to keep this momentum and ball rolling.